Amelatine - Topicality of the Latin America in France
• Amelatine

Topicality of the Latin America in France

Under the Volcanoes - Bolivia 2002 - 2006
• Under the Volcanoes

Bolivia 2002 - 2006
A film written and directed by René Dávila

Abel Robino
• Série Robbery

Abel Robino, plastic artist

Pandora's Box - Abel Robino
• The Pandora's box

Abel Robino,
José Tono Martínez, Gonzalo Bartha ...

• That the chorus may become the protagonist

I draw like my grand father, who used to escort herds through the pampa and draw on the ground with a stick. That's the way I made my illustrated journal, using tea, chalk, chinese ink ...

Cartongraphies - Abel Robino, peintures • Cartongraphies

Eater of colours and drinker of mate, Abel Robino, in his way, informs us and warns us. What is left is our responsability, for him the matter is settled. The cultural, social, and civic role of the painter, of the african weaver, is at everyone’s disposal. Watch what is happening. Nothing more, nothing less.

• Maquette,

maqueta, machietta
The Robbery series probably began with the nine pages of requirements notebook made with the first letters received in exile from poets, friends, family; the unique elements of a past almost abolished ...
Intervention at Royaumont's Abbey Library, France.

Plakat - For rent
• Plakat

For rent ...

INSECTA Friends of everythig with six feet that crawls ...
• Insecta

Friends of everythig with six feet that crawls, flies, runs, swarms and sometimes bites. Hello! Insects. Those that I meet on my walks or on my way to school ...
(abstracts from Matias's notbooks)

Chile : Brief political imagery
• Chile : Brief political imagery,

1970 - 1973
In the early 1970's, the Chilean adventure of Popular Unity was born.
The project was simple, easy to understand, so clear that it was traslated into songs whistled on the street. So clear, that it was possible to paint it, to draw it on the walls, on canvas, on paper.
... For three years the country mobilised all its creative and inventive forces.
During these three years Chile was reconized by its new dignity, new strength, new possibilities, new dreams…

Here is a comprehensive exposition of posters, contemporary murals, documents, texts, testimonies ...

• In Chile

(a chilean of Chile)
A book of Fernando Orellana’s photographs, 1984. (extracts)
in French and Spanish

• Chief Seattle:

How can you buy the sky, the warmth of the land?
Seattle (1786?-1866) is above all the name of the grand chief of the Dumawish and Suquamish tribes. He is known specifically for his memorable speech of 1854 during the negociation with US government in which he refused to sell the native territories ...
in French and Spanish






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